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Thugs Locked Helpless Dogs In Car And Burned Them To Death ‘For Fun’

This is an image of a burning car. But we wouldn’t be writing about just a burning car – there were dogs inside the car at the time it was burning.

Some monster had locked the dogs in the car and then set it on fire!

The incident took place in Umm al-Fahm, in northern Israel. A witness captured the video on a cellphone.

People in the area heard the terrified screams from the dogs and came to investigate.

The authorities arrived, but it was too late for the dogs, the flames were too hot, and the fire was burning out of control.

It is unclear how many dogs lost their lives in the blaze.

Take a look at this heartbreaking video

Eli Altman, an animal advocate and founder of Let the Animals Live, is asking government officials to take a stand against the animal cruelty that is taking place all across Israel.

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