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Curious Dog Spots A ‘Wolf’ And Starts Stalking It But Gets A Surprise When He Nears It!

The actual length of this video was six minutes. But most of it is sooo slow, they cut out a lot of it to make it shorter. That is the only editing done – it is just shorter. It all happens in real time. Keep that in mind as you watch. The dog in the video is Rasta, a Vizsla. Rasta has found a coyote out on golf course and is stalking it.

Vizsla’s are an older breed of dog that is well-known for their pointing skills. Had that been a real coyote, Rasta surely would have scared the living daylights out of it! Rasta seems completely thrilled at the end. After grabbing the golf ball, Rasta bounds back to her human!

Take a look at this video

I like the music, it just adds to the video and makes it that much more fun.

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