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Rescuers Comes Across A Stray Dog With A Painful Baseball Size Tumor. 15 Days Later…

Animal Aid Unlimited is a wonderful rescue organization located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. They work tirelessly to help the homeless and stray animals that wander the streets of India. The goal of Animal Aid Unlimited is to get protection and equality for all animals and to see an end to animal abuse.

It doesn’t matter if the animal is a mouse, a pig, a fish, or a dog – they all deserve our help and love. According to their website, Animal Aid Unlimited has rescued 45,000 injured animals since they began their important, life-saving work in 2002. One success story is about Mango.

Mango was a street dog that had a melon-sized abscess growing under his chin. Thankfully, a person living in the neighborhood where Mango was found called Animal Aid Unlimited for help.

The person often feeds the stray animals and said that the growth appeared and grew rapidly. Despite being in a predicament, Mango was very happy to see the rescuers from Animal Aid.

He greeted them with a wagging tail and a ‘smile.’ After being taken back to the hospital at Animal Aid, the team performed a surgical procedure and found the growth was pus and blood.

They inserted a drain and waited to see if that would take care of the problem.