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Dog Who Lost His Nose Gives Rescuers The Sweetest Kisses

This is Maverick. No one is quite sure how he ended up with such a disfigured face. He may have been part of a dog fighting ring or been the victim of a vicious attack. What is clear is that Maverick has been without much of his nose and mouth for some time.

Maverick was probably in a lot of pain at one time, but he is past all that. He was found wandering the streets, he was a stray.

Maybe he was abandoned, or maybe he escaped the terrible place where he got hurt.

Amanda Dowell, the program director for Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue, sad that while everyone is glad he isn’t in pain, they are also sad that Maverick had to deal with that all by himself. As you can imagine with part of his mouth missing, eating is not easy for Maverick.

Maverick has more issues than just his healed injuries. He is heartworm positive and could be diabetic.