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Cruel Owner Dumped Pregnant Dog While She Was In Active Labor

Their dog got pregnant, and it was getting close to her delivery date.

Instead of caring for the dog properly through her labor, the cruel monsters just dumped her at an animal shelter – while she was in active labor!

To make matters worse, they hadn’t really taken very good care of the mother to be, and she had a hard time nursing her new babies.

Thankfully, the kind people at the shelter helped the now homeless family.

If you have a dog or a cat and don’t want to deal with puppies or kittens – get them spayed or neutered.

If you can’t afford the procedure, then you should be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Take a look at this video

Think before you act, people, it is as simple as that!

We have enough homeless animals living on the streets, be responsible and kind.

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