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Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When His Owner Tells Him He Is Getting A Kitten

Ever hear the song about the little girl who only wants her two front teeth for Christmas? It is a children’s song that was released in 1972 by The Peppermint Candy Kids. Many other artists have released versions. Go ahead and google it. When I saw this video, for some reason that song popped into my head.

This is Clyde. All he wants is a fluffy kitten. A little, fluff one. His owner tells Clyde they are going to the pet store and Clyde gets super excited! This is just hilarious! A voice over that is just priceless. Clyde’s owner is just teasing his poor dog about all the animals at the pet store from snakes, to mice, to guinea pigs.

Take a look at this video!

Clyde was about to burst, but message at the end makes a point, don’t you agree? Share away, people!