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Family Hire Dog Walker To Walk Their Dogs, But What The Camera Captures Is Despicable

If you are a dog walker your job is simple – you walk dogs. Well, some people just have the hardest time doing their job properly. Just ask Shelly Scamardo. She hired a dog walker who didn’t walk dogs at all. Scamardo installed cameras in her home when her dogs started to behave strangely. The odd behaviors started after she had hired the dog walker.

Scamardo was hoping to see what was making her dogs act so odd. Boy, did she find out! The video revealed that the dog walker just wasn’t able to do her job at all. But, she did seem to enjoy eating food from the family’s cupboard. The dog walker did a good job of making it look like she did her job.

Take a look at this video

It amazes me that some people can be so good at lying and being so lazy. The dogs were Yorkies – how hard is it to walk a Yorkie? Share away, people.