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Dog Eagerly Awaits The UPS Driver — Now Watch When The Truck Stops At His House

Routine is comforting. It brings a sense of security and may even help relieve some stress. Not everyone likes surprises. Jordan Weisman has a boxer who likes routine. It just so happens that the boxers routine includes one UPS driver. Now, before you go thinking that this is just another story about how a dog chases the ‘mailman’ – it isn’t. Well, not quite.

The boxer doesn’t chase the UPS driver to attack or anything – he runs to him for treats! You will see what I mean when you watch the video. What impresses me most is that the UPS driver is ready and actually seems to like having his canine buddy come see him. Not everyone would appreciate this sort of attention. Wait until you see how patiently the boxer waits for the truck to stop!

Take a look at this video

Once the truck stops, the dog just hops right on the truck to say “hi!” Share away, people!