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Behind The Scenes Video Show Terrified Dog Forcibly Thrown Into Turbulent Water

The man who is forcing this terrified dog into the water is a dog trainer. A bad dog trainer, in my opinion. The reason the poor animal was being forced into the water is for a scene in the upcoming movie “A Dog’s Purpose.” The video was taken in November 2014 at an outdoor pool Winnipeg, Canada. This dog is only one of the five dogs being used to make this movie.

If they are willing to do this – what other types of torture and abuse are these dogs suffering? Let me tell you, the purpose of a dog is NOT to be thrown into a swirling pool if they don’t want to go. Sadly, there was a representative from the American Humane Association present! Some representative.

Take a look at this video

That person has been suspended (not fired, just suspended). Let us all BOYCOTT this film, the filmmakers obviously have no respect for dogs. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]