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Dog Trapped In A Barrel Wasn’t Moving, Then Its Rescuers Spotted The Tar

One day, some people noticed a stray dog hiding in a large barrel. Getting closer, they realized that this dog was trapped in tar and unable to move! This dog might have crawled into the barrel for warmth during the nights, but her body heat caused the tar to melt into her fur. This caused her skin to be burnt, sticking to the metal interior of the barrel.

They transferred the barrel to other people for help, they cut the barrel open and freed her. However, the dog was stuck in there for many days without any food or water, causing the rescue attempt to be more urgent. They used vegetable oil to soften the tar and removed it gently from her fur. Repeating this process for three hours, she was finally able to stand! She soon got lots of love and attention from her rescuers, enabling her to make a full recovery!

Check out this video:

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