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Rescuers Find A Severely Emaciated Dog Tied To A Tree. Then They Detect A Microchip.

If you are going to tie your dog to a tree and leave him there to die one important thing to consider is that microchip you had implanted in his back. If people find your dog, they will be able to find you, and you will pay the price for your heartless and cruel actions. In Greece, Valia Orfanidou and Georgio, her partner, found a dog tied to a tree.

The dog was very thin, confused, but not aggressive. The dog was taken to the vet, and they found his microchip. His name is Tool. With the information on the chip, they got in touch with Tool’s owner. Turns out that the dog’s original owner had given him to a hunter. Tool had been tied to a tree because he had a limp and couldn’t hunt for his owner any longer.

Take a look at this video

Valia has rehabilitated Tool, and he has a new family! Share this incredible rescue story with your friends too!