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Sick Footage Shows Dog Too Weak To Stand Surrounded By Vomit In An Animal Shelter

A woman visiting an animal shelter saw a sick dog. She posted a video that shows the ill Chocolate Lab inside a kennel at an animal control shelter in Mesquite, Texas. The dog is so ill he can’t stand up and is he has drool hanging from his mouth as he leans against the wall. She wanted to take the dog to the vet, but the shelter refused.

The shelter staff said the dog had been adopted and would be going to the vet in two days to be neutered. But, clearly, the dog needed help right then. What kind of an animal shelter is this? Want to know what happened to the dog – he died. The very next day the poor dog was dead. Why was this allowed to happen?

Take a look at this video

The woman who took the video wants the public to know – this was neglect and it shouldn’t have happened.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]