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Poor Dog Tied To A Short Chain Forced To Stand On Back Legs On A Hot Day

A picture of a dog that was stuck on a super short leash that caused it to have to stand on its hind legs has been infuriating animal lovers all over the world.

The picture was taken in Teloloapan, Mexico.

Animal lovers were enraged they spotted the picture that shows the dog being forced to stand on its hind legs.

The extremely short chain rendered him completely helpless in the heat outside.

The owners of the dog live in the neighborhood known as Emiliano Zapata, located in Teloloapan, Mexico.

The picture was taken after a passerby stopped to beg the owners to surrender the poor canine.

He saw the dog on the short chain and knew he had to do his best to get them to let him go.

However, the owners chased the man from their property, insisting that the dog is “just fine.”

Luckily, the man was able to take a couple of pictures before being chased off.

He immediately posted them to various social media pages hoping to get some help for the poor animal.

We see too many reports of animal cruelty time and again.

This is certainly not the first time we see cruel acts forced upon the very animals who trust us.

The least we can all do is treat all animals with kindness and equality.

While we all can’t dedicate our lives to ending animal suffering, the least we can do is try our best to stop it when we do see it happening.

Crimes against helpless animals occur all over the world.

Every day we are subject to story after story of animals being abused or hurt.

Leaving a dog tied up in this manner to endure the blazing hot sun is terrible.

Anyone who thinks that this type of behavior is okay should never own an animal of their own.

It is our job to take care of any animal that we decide to adopt or buy, no matter what our current circumstances.

Animal lovers everywhere are hoping that the authorities step in and take care of this poor animal.