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Two Dog Thieves Were Caught By Villagers And Got More Than They Should!

Have you ever heard of the controversial yet annual dog meat festival held in Yulin, China? Each year, dogs are brutally rounded up, beaten to death, skinned of their coats and prepped for human consumption – at least 10,000 dogs are killed each year. Several dog owners in the village have also lost their dogs each year due to the vast kidnapping of their pooches.

In the middle of the day, two men were caught by villagers in Yulin while trying to steal their pups. The villagers there then decided to take matters into their own hands – this is when the situation turned grim. Using wooden poles, knives and tight ropes, the two thieves were severely beaten up till the point that they were both heavily bleeding.

Warning: Graphic imagery – viewer discretion is advised.

Image Credit: urdogs

Image Credit: urdogs

Image Credit: urdogs

By the time medical help arrived, paramedics could only rescue one out of the two. The other died of his injuries while still tied up. Was violence necessary in this situation?

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