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Dog Tethered To A Large Tree With A Short Chain Ate Rocks To Survive Steals The Rescuer’s Heart

An animal hoarder in Arkansas had about 90 animals on their property. The animals were forced to live in filthy conditions. The Humane Society of the United States and the Arkansas State Police rescued all of the dogs. When Zoey was found, she was tied to a large tree. The chain she had around her neck was very short and under her feet was only rocks and dirt.

Sadly, to survive, Zoey had to eat rocks, and she lost half of her teeth because of it. In the video below, you will follow Zoey and learn what happened to her after she was rescued. Parts of the video are sad and disturbing, so grab a tissue first. But it is a happy ending for Zoey!

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This video is proof for why you should adopt animals! There are many deserving animals that need your help!

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