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Hanging On To Life, This Dog With A Swollen Head Was Severely Beaten And Left To Die

Some cruel acts just make you sick to your stomach. If you’re an animal lover, maybe you can help out this dog in need! Caci, a pit bull, was found having been severely beaten and in a near-fatal condition. It appeared that she had been left to die and was taken in by the New York Bully Crew, where she was rushed to an emergency vet.

The pup suffered from severe head trauma, and her puppies had been thrown away. Sadly, her condition has not improved considerably. While there are no signs of a fracture, rescuers are waiting with bated breath for her cytology results. Meanwhile, her eyes remain swollen shut. She is also currently dealing with intestinal discomfort, which could be caused by stress or by the medication she takes.

dog beaten

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Staff are doing everything they can to keep Caci as comfortable as she could be under the circumstances, but she’s in need of more help. If you’d like to donate to her care, you can help Caci here.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]