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Heartbroken Dog Surrendered At High Kill Shelter With His Toys Cried To Sleep Everyday

For two months, Jordy lived with a family. Then they decided they didn’t want him.

They took him to a high kill shelter in California with all his toys.

The poor pup was stunned and saddened by this betrayal.

How could anyone do this to a puppy?

The image of Jordy sitting in his kennel surrounded by his toys broke my heart.

Carson Animal Shelter could only hold Jordy for a short time, if he didn’t get adopted soon, he would have been put down to free up kennel space.

Jordy cried himself to sleep at night – no dog should ever have to do that – especially one as young as Jordy.

Take a look at this video

Thankfully for him, he was adopted just on time.

Lesson learned is to never adopt pets if one doesn’t have the time to care for them, and two, please don’t surrender them at high kill shelters… it’s not their fault they’re surrendered.

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