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Dog Stuck In A Pile Of Snow Spots German Shepherd Watching Closely

The snow was falling, and it was great fun! The snow kept falling and falling (and falling). It was March 29, 2017. A dog was outside probably enjoying himself as the snow fell. Then, she was stuck behind a dumpster. The snow had surrounded her, and she was uncertain how to get out of his predicament. Luckily, a woman and her other dog were nearby.

The German Shepherd that was with the woman saw the stranded dog. The woman called to the stuck dog – but it was no use, the dog was perplexed. The Shepherd wagged her tail and paced back and forth. She wondered why the dog wasn’t coming over. Then the brave Shepherd dove into the huge snow drift and headed towards her friend!

Watch the amazing ‘rescue’ below!

She made a path in the snow! Now that is a true friend!

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