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Distressed Dog Begs Stranger To Free Him From Hot Car Then Angry Cop Comes For Owner

Time and again we’ve been warned about leaving our pets and kids unattended in a car, simply because within 15 minutes, the car literally turns into an oven.

Kids and pets left unattended in a car can develop brain damage and even die from heatstrokes.

In Golden, Colorado, one morning a woman was walking her pup when suddenly she heard barks of a distressed dog coming from a car nearby.

It was a very hot day with temperatures hanging around 90s when the Good Samaritan spotted a helpless dog begging to be freed from a heated car.

The woman immediately started recording the entire ordeal as the poor pup tried to squeeze through a cracked window, all in an attempt to free himself.

Inside the car temperatures rose to 95 degrees and the poor helpless pup was stuck in there for nearly 20 minutes.

Deputy Kelly Fosler from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office attended to the woman’s call and immediately freed the dog from the sweltering car, placing him under the shades of trees.

Deputy Fosler waited for the owner to return so she could reprimand him for locking the poor pup inside the car.

What you’re about to see, though, is going to leave you utterly speechless.

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