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Shelter Dog Termed ‘Unadoptable’ By Some People Because Of Her Unique Smile

We all know someone that has a goofy grin! Just in case you don’t, meet Smiley! She is a six-year-old Labrador mix living at a pet rescue, Agape Fosters, in Iowa. Sadly, because of her ‘funny’ grin, Smiley has been passed over by potential families. One look at her and a lot of people think she is being aggressive.

While Smiley does have some anxiety issues, she is just looking for a loving home. Her previous family left her behind when they moved. They didn’t want her either. Just look at her eyes, those are not angry eyes. Yes, you can see her teeth, but the silly girl is just smiling and saying “Hi!”

Take a look at this video

Diann Helmers, the founder of Agape Fosters, is hoping that a family will step forward and offer Smiley a home. If you can help, contact Diann at