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WATCH: Shelter Dog Learns To Smile At People Who Walk By

Did you know that even canines could smile? Enter Riley, the smiling 2 year-old dog of Sacramento. The bubbly and extremely social dog has a way to capture our hearts, by showing us her best smile! Abandoned on the streets, she was brought to a nearby animal shelter by a homeless man. The staff working at the shelter instantly fell in love with her sweet personality.

A kennel technician working at the shelter, Britney Ridge, would talk to Riley during her daily feeding times. She also managed to capture the dog smiling with her trusty mobile phone! Britney believed that this smile of Riley’s showcased the dog’s personality the best, and could potentially attract potential adopters along the way.

Front Street Animal Shelter is located in the city of Sacramento in California, United States.

Check her smile out in the video below!

Riley is currently up for adoption – hopefully, she’ll find a loving home very soon!

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