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They Saw A Dog Sitting On The Side Of The Road. When They Saw His Stomach…

Last summer, this poor dog was found on the beach in Newport Beach, California with a tumor that weighed a whopping 46 pounds! Henry, the golden retriever, was found and picked up my animal control – no one is quite sure how he ended up there (my guess is that his heartless owners dumped him). The tumor was making it hard for Henry to walk and relieve himself.

After a long search, Dr. Karla Nichols of Mariner’s Mile Pet Clinic agreed to perform surgery on Henry. The procedure ended up costing thousands of dollars, all of which were covered by donations! Henry is approximately eight years old, and after his surgery, he has nothing but hugs and kisses for those kind enough to care for him!

Take a look at this video

In an update, the tumor was found to be cancerous – but it hadn’t spread. We hope Henry lives a long, happy life!

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