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Something Odd Was Happening At A Shelter So They Set Up A Camera

Who let the dogs out?! Well, in this video – we get the answer to that very question. There was something odd happening at the Battersea dogs and cats home animal shelter, all the dogs had managed to get out of their kennels! The staff and volunteers thought maybe the cages were not shut tight – but the security cameras they had installed showed what really happened.

The results will shock you! The Battersea Dogs and Cats home is located in the UK and was founded In 1860. They rescue cats and dogs and take care of them until they find homes forever. At least he let the other dogs out too so they could all have a snack! Talk about a true friend!

Take a look at this video!

Maybe the dog was just trying to keep himself out of trouble – who would know who the trouble maker was if ALL the dogs were free? LOL. Share away, people!