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Woman Spots Dog Severely Hit By Car Crawling And Screaming On The Streets For Help

Dodo, the dog, was hit by a car in Athens, Greece and was found by some people crawling along the ground in extreme pain. Linda took the poor dog in and made sure she got the help she needed. Dodo, sadly, was given to a foster family who neglected her. Linda took her back and tried to make things right for her.

When The Orphan Pet found Dodo, she was already missing a leg and was on the verge of losing another. Her spine was broken – but Dodo’s spirit was uncrushable! Today, Dodo is a triple amputee with more spunk than one dog normally has! According to Linda, Dodo rolls around as if she is the queen of the house!

Take a look at this video

Linda is often asked why she didn’t just let Dodo ‘go.’ But, how can you give up on a dog that has such a zest for life?

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