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This Dog Sensed There Was Something Wrong With Their Baby — Watch What He Does

Kindness is always repaid by kindness. Sometimes, in an unexpected yet timely way. This is the story of a dog named Duke, who was adopted by Jenna Brousseau and her husband eleven years ago from a local shelter. The Brousseau family had a baby girl named Harper after they adopted Duke. One Sunday night,  Duke started to jump on their bed and shake uncontrollably – this alerted the couple to check on their then 9-week-old infant daughter. Harper was not breathing.

Jenna’s husband proceeded to call for an ambulance, in which paramedics arrived in time to revive Harper and ferry her to the hospital. Duke has been hailed as the ‘baby’s best friend’ by local news outlets since then.

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Jenna is extremely grateful for Duke – she gushes and describes him as a “perfect dog” which was meant for their family.

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