dog sees the ocean for the first time

Herschel is a grand German Shepherd that finds joy in just being alive.


But even the most positive of canines cannot keep from getting depressed when they are chained to a post.

For 5 years Herschel was neglected by uncaring owners and was finally abandoned. All that had existed to the poor dog was what was within sight of his eyes.

Finally rescued and taken to a shelter, the pup was excited about a new environment. Unfortunately, the shelter offered little to fill Herschel’s energetic needs.

Each time a family would come along to offer a home to Herschel, his excitement and energy were mistaken for aggression.

Sadly, it looked like the dog’s future days would be spent in a cage.

dog sees the ocean


Save our Shelter took notice of this free spirit that would never realize the wonders of the world.

Together with Rocky Knaka, host of Dog’s Day Out, they decided to give Herschel an adventure that he would remember for a very long time.

Herschel deserved to have one fun day.

The road trip began with stopping to play in mountain snow. This new white fluffy stuff was a delight to Herschel.

Running and tossing snow in the air soon had him happy in this element. He also got to give teddy bear hugs to kids that appreciated his spunky nature.

Yes, Herschel was finally free to explore, run and appreciate all that he had missed.


dog sees the oceanBut the best was yet to come. Back in the car and cruising toward the ocean, the pup didn’t miss one bit of scenery and adventure.

Upon arriving at the water, Herschel could not contain himself. He cried in joy at the sight of the waves lapping the beach. Rocky was hesitant to let so much excitement loose.

Herschel was first introduced to the sand between his toes. When they walked to the water to wash off his paws, his joy could no longer be contained.

Herschel wanted to feel the freedom of the water, biting at the waves and pouncing up and down in the water.

He shared the whole world at that moment and his happy spirit showed it.


Watch the video and listen to the cheerful cries that are unbelievable as Herschel discovers freedom at last.

It will bring tears to your eyes.

Herschel has been delivered to a forever family in Washington state where his playful spirit will never be stifled again.