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Dog Was Chained For His Entire Life. Now Watch Him See An Empty Field For The First Time

Dogs need regular exercise, some friends to spend time with and play with, and lots and lots of love! And it doesn’t hurt if they have a huge space to run in, too. But sadly, there are pets who are mistreated and abused, leaving them without these things that they need in their lives.

This Siberian Husky, who is named Biscuit, was one of nine dogs that were kept chained up for their entire lives, confined to kennels on a property in Kentucky. He had never had the chance to stretch his legs and run and had never been able to do what pups do best for his entire life.

But at long last, he and his friends were rescued from captivity, and rescuers knew that they had a lot of catching up on life’s simple joys to do!

Biscuit is taken to a huge 6 acre field full of trees, grass, and plenty of things to explore. The second he is allowed to roam freely, he takes of running at full speed. It isn’t long before he’s stretching his legs properly for the first time in his life, sniffing at every single spot he can find, and learning what it is to truly be a dog! He can’t wait to continue exploring for the rest of his life!