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Dog Given Only A Few Months To Live Hangs On To Life So He Could See Dad One Last Time

Just one month after Eric left for an 8-month deployment, his dog, Kermie was diagnosed with cancer. Vets only gave Kermie another 2 to 3 months. But, Kermie wasn’t ready to go just yet. Eric came home around Christmas time, and Kermie was there to greet him. Having Eric home seemed to perk her up – she started to eat and drink again!

A few more months passed and Kermie celebrated her 12th birthday with her family. But, the cancerous tumor was taking its toll. The family had to make the decision all pet owners sadly have to make. They said goodbye to Kermie. Grab a tissue and watch the reunion video below.

Take a look at this video

If we hadn’t told you Kermie was sick, you wouldn’t ever guess it by her reaction! She was so happy to see her human dad again! The love of a dog is like no other!

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