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Dad Captures Adorable Puppy Farting So Loudly, He Wakes Himself Up In A Fright

We all have that one relative who farts and then blames the dog, or an elephant, or another person – right? But, gas (also known as farts or flatulence) is a natural thing. Everyone farts at least once their lifetime. The key is how you handle it. Some people can be discreet about it, other people are willing to let it rip and laugh about it!

The little puppy in this video has gas. He is also napping, dreaming, and yipping. You can see his little feet twitching as if he is running. Everything is peaceful and cute until the fart. When the fart comes out, he is scared awake! The human laughing probably had something to do with his waking up too!

Take a look at this video!

You may want to share this video with that relative of yours who likes to fart! They will appreciate the humor in it!