Man’s Dog Starts Acting Strange On The Beach Only To Realize He Was Saving Baby Dolphin

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Leah and her human dad decided to got to Criccieth Beach located in Gwynedd, Wales to enjoy Mother Nature. Suddenly, Leah started to act rather oddly, and the man went closer to investigate. Normally, dogs at the beach are running to and fro – they splash in the water and have a gay old time. Leah wasn’t doing any of those things, she was just standing in one spot as if waiting for her human to come over.

Thankfully, the man didn’t ignore Leah or call her away – when he approached, he could see that Leah had stumbled on something. A baby dolphin! The small aquatic mammal was having a hard time battling the strong current and couldn’t get itself back out to sea! Press play and see if the man and Leah were able to get the baby dolphin out of this predicament!

You know, we probably wouldn’t have shared this story with you if they didn’t! Sorry for the spoiler, but it really is an exciting story, and I couldn’t’ help myself!

Take a look at this video

I wonder if the momma dolphin was nearby. She probably was thrilled to have her baby back! Dolphins will typically live in groups of five to more than one hundred! Did you know that dolphins belong to the toothed whale family? They do! Some of their relatives include the orca and pilot whale. According to Defenders of Wildlife, dolphins are carnivores that eat squid, crustaceans, and fish. Share away, people!