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Neighbors Find Dog Freezing In Snow, See He’s Been Protecting A Young Child

Siberia is known for its beautiful mountains, thick, lush forests, and gorgeous scenery.

But it also has brutal winters that result in desert-like expanses of extremely cold, snow-covered land.

These winters are harsh and dangerous, and temperatures can dip to a shocking -38°F. Even as April approaches, it can still be below 0°F.

This means that these cold winters can be deadly for those lost out in the white, formidable landscape.

Few people would venture out in such conditions, leaving those who do even more vulnerable to potential accidents and even fatalities.

That’s why this tale of an abandoned child in Siberia is so horrible to think about.

A mother decided that now was the best time to abandon her young son, aged just two years old, in these freezing conditions.

Thankfully, he lived – but only because he received very special assistance.

Neighbors found the young child on a porch with no heating in an Altai, south Siberia village home.

The fact that he was alive was unfathomable to those who found him, especially as it was revealed that he had likely been there for two whole days, but the truth was soon revealed.

The boy’s survival was thanks to a dog.

The dog in question had snuggled up to the young boy, keeping him warm and safe from the otherwise deadly temperatures.

The pup was hailed a true hero and a savior by locals, and if he hadn’t been there, it’s likely that the boy would have frozen to death.

The child is now receiving hospital treatment while his mother may have a jail sentence ahead of her, as well as the loss of child-raising rights.

Dogs are loyal, loving, and intelligent, and it’s far from the first instance where a canine companion has saved a young child’s life while risking their own.

Just four years before this incident, a missing child named Karina Chikitova, aged only three years old, wandered away from home one day.

Her mother assumed she had gone on a trip to the next village with her father – but she hadn’t. Three days later, both parents realized that she had vanished.

No one was sure that the little girl would survive. But then, a whole 11 days later, a dog rushed to the home of Karina’s parents.

The pup brought a rescue team to her location, effectively saving her life. But how had she survived for so long?

The brave child had survived on scarce amounts of food – wild berries. She also drank water from the river.

But the key to her survival was the pup, who kept her warm during those cold days, protected her, and eventually figured out how to lead her family to her.

Miraculously, she didn’t have any serious injuries apart from a few scratches. Her family was incredibly relieved to have her home safely.

Both of these children – and countless more all around the world – are safe thanks to these loving, compassionate, and intuitive faithful friends.

Have you had any experience with a life-saving dog?