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Tiny Dog Sees Bear Attacking Her Mom. Then Decides To Sacrifice Herself To Save Her Family

Remember the story about David and Goliath? The small boy who took down a huge giant? Well, this is the story about Daisy and the bear. Daisy is a 15-pound Dachshund, and the bear was a black bear who weighed about 200-pounds. In 2014, Daisy’s human mom, Krystal Long, was in the garage unloading groceries when the bear approached.

Krystal screamed – Daisy ran to her. Krystal said that normally, bears would be frightened off by noise – but when she started throwing things at the bear and yelling, this bear just got more upset. Daisy put her small body between Krystal and the bear. The bear grabbed the little dog. Krystal then had the time she needed to get her gun.

Take a look at this video

Daisy was hailed as a hero! She was a hero! She took on a bear – and lived! Share this hero’s story with everyone you know!