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Loyal Dog Braves The Snow, To Save Heavily Injured And Paralyzed Owner

On New Year’s Eve in the cold winter snow, a man named Bob (surname was hidden to protect his identity) traveled out into the snowfield, away from his farm to gather more firewood for his fireplace during a television commercial break in Northern Michigan. He was wearing only a pair of bedroom slippers, long johns and a T-shirt. Bob then slipped and fell, breaking his neck in the process.

Bearing with the pain, he screamed for his neighbor, who lived at least a quarter of a mile away from him. Alas, nobody responded. Bob then sees a figure running towards him – it wasn’t human. It was his dog, Kelsey.

Check out the touching moment below!

Bob laid paralyzed for 20 hours till help arrived. His dog Kelsey had kept him warm all this time; barking non-stop to alert anyone nearby. She also licked his hands and face to keep him alert. Bob slowly lost consciousness. However, his neighbor finally heard Kelsey’s howls and brought him to the local hospital. His body temperature was found to be below 70 degrees, plus he experienced quivering heartbeats. Bob also had a slipped disc within his spinal cord. He is currently undergoing physical therapy in the hospital and recuperating well.

Bob hails Kelsey and his neighbor as his personal heroes throughout his ordeal, thanking them profusely for their courage, bravery and much-needed help.

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