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Heartbroken Dog Who Was Sad After Losing Her Toy, Gets A Surprise From Her Family

Did you have a favorite toy when you were a kid? I did, it was a Lego man. He was my favorite! My younger brother knew how much I loved that Lego man. One day, after we had had a little fight, he flushed my Lego man! I was devastated – and still remember the incident some 20 years later! The dog in this video has lost her favorite toy. A canine ‘friend’ of hers ripped her toy apart!

Cinnamon was devastated and reportedly didn’t really enjoy playing with toys for months after the loss. The unique toy had been given out by Excel gum and now it was lost – forever. Or was it? Luckily, Cinnamon’s owners contacted the company and got her a replacement toy! Watch the video below to see the moment when Cinnamon meets her new-replacement toy, “Garlic.”

Take a look at this video!

That is one happy dog! So glad she was able to get her groove back! Share away, people!