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Dog Ruined Every Frame Of A Google Street View By Chasing After The Camera

One of the most convenient inventions that we’ve enjoyed lately is having the chance to use Google Maps and Google Street View.

We’ve all read stories about some of the unusual things that the Google Street View cars have managed to capture.

But this time?

The Street View car caught the attention of an adorable young puppy in the sea village of Kumage, Japan.

While the puppy doesn’t think twice about the villagers and boats that she runs right past, the Google Street View car catches her attention.

Who can blame her? The Google Street View car does look pretty strange.

After all, it’s not every day that we see a car with a rotating camera on top.

If we see a Google Street View car driving down our streets, we can’t help but notice.

Clearly, she’s a young puppy, because she’s pretty excited to find out what happens next.

Does curiosity kill the cat? Not this time! This time, the puppy follows the Google Street View car all the way down the road.

She seems to think it’s her job to find out exactly who — or what — this strange visitor to the village is.

The chase is on, and she continues running the Google Street View car down. And clearly, she’s a pretty fast runner.

The puppy’s so cute that she’s managed to go viral on blogs filled with people who follow the Google Street View car news.

After becoming an international sensation, her canine detective work is complete.

She manages to track the Google Street View car all the way to the end of the road, which stops in a dead end.

Another happy ending to a tale that ends with a wagging happy tail!