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Dog Reuniting With His Dad Can’t Believe It’s Really Him

This is the touching and heartwarming story of a duo – it was at love at first sight for Willie, who was found by Shane Godfrey during his time as a puppy on the man’s front porch. The pair loved each other dearly, and were always together – until Shane’s health started declining and had to be hospitalized.

Image Credit: Shane Godfrey / Facebook

Shane had to recover in the hospital for almost 5 weeks – and lost a ton of weight due to the health struggle, a total of 50 pounds.

Image Credit: Shane Godfrey / Facebook

Meanwhile, Willie was taken in by Shane’s sister – but was never the same around her as he was with Shane, which was what made their reunion truly special! He went wild with excitement when he knew it was Shane and not someone else!

Image Credit: Shane Godfrey / Facebook

Check out this video below!

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