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Dog Who Thought She Was Abandoned Holds Nothing Back During Reunion Day With Soldier

As much as we would all like to get along, world peace is not something that is still in our grasp quite just yet.

Because of this, countries all over the world still have to maintain some kind of military force, either to protect themselves or to protect those who rely on them.

There are countries who use their armies for all sorts of unscrupulous goals, but for the most part the brave people who man these forces usually just want to do their best.

Whatever the reason may be for these folks to join the armed forces, you can’t deny that it isn’t an easy job – especially once you are deployed.

Being away from home for long periods of time can be rough on most people, and it is even worse if you end up being deployed to the front lines.

Whether you see action in a warzone or not, it can be pretty tough on both you and those anxiously waiting for your safe return back home.

dog reunion day with soldier

Luckily, this young man has returned home safe and sound, after being deployed for 9 months.

That amount of time may fly by when you are being busy, but for Freyja the German Shepherd, all that time with her owner away must have felt like an eternity!

The bond between owner and dog can run incredibly deep, so it goes without saying that the two of them must have felt the loss of each other’s presence keenly.

Freyja probably had it worse, seeing as she isn’t too capable of understanding why her owner had simply upped and gone.

So when Freyja’s owner returned home, everyone was waiting with bated breath to see just how this dog will react to her owner’s return.

The scene was set – the soldier relaxing on the living room couch, his arms outstretched.

A family member recording the whole scene trains the camera on the soldier – everyone was in position. It was time to let Freyja in.

dog reunion day with soldier

Behind the camera, someone opened the door to let Freyja enter the house.

A scurrying of feet and barking can be heard – Freyja had no clue what was in store for her.

Then, her owner whistled, and Freyja realised something is different this time – her beloved owner is home!

The scene that was to unfold proved to be something that was incredibly heartwarming.

This dog wasted no time – how could she, after missing her owner for so long?

She leaped onto the couch with utter glee, practically vibrating in excitement and delight while cuddling up to her owner.

Truly, a wonderful reunion!

It is clear Freyja doesn’t want to leave her owner’s side for a long, long time.

And evidently, her owner feels the same way as well, happily rubbing her belly as the two shower each other with all the affection and love they could ever hope to give.

Nine months is a very long time to be separated from the one you love, so here’s to hoping that they will never have to deal with that again!