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Dog Saved The Day After Rescuing Terrified Owner Who Was Stranded Without Toilet Paper

Social media is fantastic. We can keep in touch with friends that live thousands of miles away. We get to see some things that perhaps shouldn’t be shared too. Take this story for example. The dog you see here is named Ozzy and his owner, Sabina, had a problem that Ozzy helped with.

Sabina and her boyfriend had both stepped into use the bathroom in their two-bathroom home. Then a ‘tragedy’ happened when Sabina ran out of toilet paper.

Of course, her boyfriend had some in the bathroom where he was – but, um, he was busy! So, ingenuity kicked in, and Ozzy was able to deliver a new roll to his momma!

We have just learned way too much about these people! I personally, don’t take my phone with me to the toilet it is a private moment. I suppose it was lucky Sabina had hers! LOL

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