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Dog About To Be Rescued From The Woods Leads Rescuer To His Best Friend

Last month, Dan O’Grady, a truck driver, was driving through Jacksonville, Florida when he saw a dog on the side of the road. He pulled over and tried to get the small dog out of harm’s way. The dog wouldn’t let him get too close.

The dog would bark and take a few steps toward a wooded area. Intrigued, Dan followed the dog and discovered a white domestic rabbit hiding under a bush! The dog led him right to the rabbit!

Dan named the dog Highway, and the rabbit was named Interstate. Dan gave them both food and took them to a shelter. The shelter didn’t accept rabbits, so Interstate and Highway had to split up.

On a happier note, Dan did find that the Humane Society of Summit County would take Interstate. Highway and Interstate now have forever homes. Share away, people!