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Dog Pretends To Love Tiny Bed Mom Ordered By Mistake Because It’s The Thought That Counts

You know when you get a really bad gift and you have to hide your reaction because you’re opening it in front of the giver? It’s even worse if it’s from someone you care about or like a lot, because you don’t want to make them feel bad for getting the present all wrong! Kenny is a dog who knows that feeling all too well.

His Mom purchased a new dog bed for him online but neglected to double-check the size. When it arrived, it turned out to be an XS sized one! For a large pup like Kenny, this was not the best option!

But Kenny didn’t want to hurt his Mom’s feelings, so he didn’t even complain. In fact, he did the exact opposite – he got onto the tiny little bed and pretended like nothing was amiss at all! You can almost hear him fake-gushing about how much he likes the gift!

Dogs really are too precious for this world! The good news is that Kenny now has the bed in the right size. Phew!

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