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What Happens When Your Dog Poops Then Finds The Roomba? This.

Jesse Newton, a pet owner residing in his home located in Little Rock, Arkansas, was preparing for bed along with his four-year-old son – until they both smelt something foul. His son had also stepped on something sticky and awful-smelling – and it dawned on Jesse when he realized what it was. It was dog poop.

Jesse had a roomba to clean the living room up every now and then, to save him the hassle. But now, it has created a dog poop nightmare and a great mess for him to clean. The roomba had run itself over his puppy Evie’s nightly poop routine! He even illustrated the mess in the form of a picture below – and now warns people not to program their roomba too close to their dog’s bathroom timings!

Image Credit: Facebook

Do not let your dog near it..

Image Credit: Reddit

Or you will you get a ‘pooptastrophe’ – beware, dog owners!

Image Credit: Reddit

Check out the video below!

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