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Dog Runs In Front Of Police Car And Starts Barking, Then Cops Make Gruesome Revelation

Dogs are a man’s best friend. You have probably heard this millions of times – right? Well, in this story, we are going to prove it to you once and for all! One night back in 2010, a police officer was out on patrol in Alaska when he saw a dog appear almost out of thin air. The officer got the feeling that the dog had something he needed help with. The officer decided to follow the dog and see if there was a problem – and there was!

The dog, Buddy, seemed to sense that the officer was there to help and took off running! Buddy led the officer back to his home – that was on fire! Buddy’s family was inside and in desperate need of help! Thankfully, the officer was able to call for backup, and the family all got out of the house! Buddy was treated to a new bone, a new collar and even a new badge of honor from the local police department!

Take a look at this video

You have to love dogs like Buddy, who would do anything to save their family! I wonder how long Buddy had been out and about looking for help? Thankfully the officer came along when he did! Talk about timing! Or was it luck? How about a miracle? Maybe it was a combination of all three! Buddy’s owner said that if it hadn’t been for Buddy, they would have lost their house. In an update, Buddy passed away last year after battling cancer. Rest in Peace. Share away, people.