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One By One, Mama Dog Lovingly Placed All Her 11 Newborn Puppies Into Foster Mom’s Lap

Doyle has fostered many dogs and believes that people need to be their voices. People need to protect animals and help them, if we can. Doyle was able to earn the trust of Grayce. Grayce trusts Doyle so much that she actually took her puppies, one at a time, and put them in Doyle’s lap.

It was as if Grayce was saying “Here, look at my babies. You can love them too!”

Can you imagine having only know someone for three weeks and handing them your newborn baby?! Not many humans would be so trusting.

dog and puppies

Image Credit: Stevoni Wells Doyle

If you live in Utah, Grayce and her pups will be up for adoption in about eight weeks. Contact Rescue Rovers for more information.

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