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Man Wanting To Experiment With A New Toy At The Dog Park Makes All Beagles Lose Their Minds!

Cat owners know that our cats will go crazy chasing that tiny red laser dot. You can make your cat do some amazing things while they try and catch the dot! It is loads of fun for everyone. Dogs don’t get it. They don’t seem to find chasing a red dot very exciting. But, dogs will chase just about anything else!

The beagles in this video are having a blast at the park. They are chasing a remote-controlled car! The dogs sort of look like a flock of birds moving as one to try and catch that car! You won’t find any self-respecting cat chasing a car like that! The video is a little memorizing! You will have a hard time not watching the whole thing!

Take a look at this video

I found myself wondering what the dogs would do if they caught the car! Go dogs Go! Share away, people!