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Only Few Dog Owners Know To Inspect Their Pets’ Mouth After Being Outside To Detect Ticks

It is that time of year when pet owners have to step up their game. Fleas and ticks are out in full force, and we need to keep our pets safe. Most of us apply the once-a-month drops on our pets and assume that they are safe.

You can also put on a flea and tick collar. But, those are not full-proof – you need to check inside your pet’s mouth too!

The photo of this tick inside a dog’s mouth was posted on Homestead & Survival’s Facebook page. Over 1,400 people reacted, and it has spread around like wildfire! Who knew this was even possible?!

Adelaide Vet, an Australian animal hospital network, wrote that an at-home dental exam should be done on your pets once a month and that it only takes a few minutes.

ticks in dog mouth

Image Credit: Ivob / Wikimedia