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Dog Runs Away Every Single Day. When Mom Discovers Where She Goes, She’s In Tears…

Meet Danny, a boy who suffers from developmental delays – this is a unfortunate and devastating genetic disorder, which worries his adoptive mother, Dixie. It is a lifelong and incurable condition – and Danny often has trouble coping and adapting to society. Their neighbor Dennie, trained various search dogs and offered to help the two.

Saki was assigned to Danny, but soon the two bonded. She would even escape Dennie’s yard to go see him! Danny too, changed – he was slowly improving in terms of speech, and became properly potty trained. Saki was supposed to be sent back to the rescue organization she originated from, but Dixie stepped in – to adopt Saki!

Check out the touching story below!

Never underestimate a bond between a human and a canine.

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