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Dog Begged To Go Out After A Massive Snowstorm. Then He Catches Something Priceless

This is Bailey, the Unknown Reindeer. Bailey is not really a reindeer, she is a Dalmatian. But when you watch the video you will soon see how she earned that nickname! After a big snowstorm dropped a ton of snow on the ground, Bailey can be seen frolicking around in the fluffy stuff!

I have never seen that much snow in person before and can’t imagine what that must be like! The music in the video is just perfect. Perhaps the idea behind the video is that it is a training video for all the reindeer in the world. If they don’t know how to deal with the snow – Bailey is showing them how!

Take a look at this video

You just gotta love dogs! I bet Bailey had a nice long nap after romping in the snow this day! Share this video with dog lovers you know!