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When He Told People What His Dog Did In The Hot Tub, Nobody Believed Him. Then He Filmed It

After a long hard day taking a hot bath is the best thing! It can help relax all your tired muscles. If you have a special tub, you may even have jet streams to circulate the water. If not, a bubble bath is simply lovely. But, humans are not the only ones who understand the benefits of a bubble bath.

Cuzzie, a Puggle, knows how to relax! His owner, Danny, found him soaking in the hot tub and couldn’t believe it! Cuzzie was pressing against the jet and groaning in pleasure! It is as if Cuzzie is saying “OH, yes, that is THE spot!” Wait until you see and hear his enjoyment!

Take a look at this video!

Cuzzie deserves this life, he was almost put to sleep at a shelter. But, Danny rescued him. Of all the dogs she has rescued, Cuzzie, was the one she kept at home for herself! Share away, people!