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Woman Saves Dog After Crash, But When She Leads Her Into The Woods, She Sees A Miracle

When you see a dog out on their own, your first instinct is likely to consider handing them over to a rescue or a shelter, if not to take them in yourself if you have space and time. Those were the things that ran through Kathy Wilkes-Myers’ mind when a Rottweiler pup ran up to her and asked for a petting while she was on a walk along a country highway.

Kathy thought it was likely that the pup had been abandoned or gotten lost, and the dog looked like she was starving and wasn’t in a great state of health. So, she named the pup Ella and took her home. Still, something told her that she had got it all wrong. Then one day she remembered – a bad car accident had occurred very near to where she found Ella.

Trusting her instincts, Kathy took Ella back to the site of the crash. Ella excitedly leg her to a pile of items that she had salvaged from the car wreck and had been collecting in hopes of finding her family nearby there again. Kathy realized that the family Ella sought were likely dead, and she tried to find some relatives of that family.

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But then, upon contacting the highway patrol, Kathy was informed that Ella’s family was alive! The dog had been thrown out of the car during the accident and had hidden in fright, so no one had been able to find her. Ella’s owner had been searching for 13 days, and she was beyond overjoyed when the pup was returned to her! What a happy ending! Share away, people.