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Cop Spots Frantic Dog In The Middle Of The Road At Midnight — Then He Follows Him

We humans know that if there is trouble, you try and find a police officer. If you are near a phone (and who isn’t near a phone these days?), you probably have an emergency number you can call. That number may vary depending on what country you live in. In this video, we see that a dog knew just what to do too!

The dog, Buddy, leads some police officers down a back road in Anchorage, Alaska – all the way to his owner’s house. The house was on fire! You can tell the Buddy is in a hurry. As soon as he sees the car, he just takes off. I imagine Buddy was thinking “finally, someone to help.” I am so glad the police followed him!

Take a look at this video

After watching the first video, you can watch the second one, which is a fantastic follow-up.

Good boy, Buddy! Share away, people!